Response to COVID-19


ARC education project rapid response report

This rapid report aims to provide hope amid the chaos in bringing together data on programs geared to issues of school meals, wellbeing and mental health, viable learning formats, and access to necessary tools and materials to continue learning through the coming days and weeks. The Rapid Response reflects events until March 23, 2020.

ARC's Values-Driven Strategies for COVID-19

This is a values-driven response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its educational implications, to help you think and strategize about what to do next, whether you work in a school, or in a national Ministry.

ARC papers

Leading during a Pandemic

ARC Secretariat member and former CEO of England’s National College for School Leadership, Steve Munby reminds leaders that there is no blueprint for how to lead in a pandemic. However, it is the time for Servant Leadership and the question leaders should be asking is: What kind of leadership is wanted of me?  In this article, Steve outlines 3 important considerations relevant to all imperfect leaders.

ARC Thoughtmeet Summary April, 16, 2020

ARC Thoughtmeet is a virtual bringing together of ideas and minds to create swift, timely, and practical collective solutions to urgent problems. Each ARC Thoughtmeet begins with two ARC Starters by world-renowned thought leaders and a facilitated discussion by Steve Munby, former Chief Executive of England’ s National College for School Leadership.

ARC's response to COVID-19

With just over half of the world’s students out of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Education International, 2020), it is time to collaborate more than ever.  Working together we can express our needs, identify what is working, and apply what is proving successful for our counterparts now to address the needs of students particularly those with existing equity issues.

Uruguay Educational Response to COVID 19

Plan Ceibal’s contingency plan in Uruguay during the Covid 19 pandemic.

System Highlights

System Highlights from Thoughtmeet April 16, 2020

School Closure Trackers

School Closures in Canada

COVID-19 Global education policy responses

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Canada systems' response to COVID-19

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Education week for the US

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Education International for the Global School Closures

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The OECD: Key Country Policy Responses to COVID-19

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Member system responses to COVID-19

Andy Hargreaves's advice for teachers during Pandemic


Welsh minister: 5 key principles for reopening schools

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