The following resources are reports, newspaper articles, videos and publications produced by the ARC Education Project, ARC systems and thought leaders in relation to our core values: equity, broad excellence, wellbeing, inclusion, democracy, sustainability, human rights, and high quality professionally run systems.

ARC System Projects

BEACONS’ – ‘Bringing Education Alive for our Communities On a National Scale

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The National Strategy for Educational Research and Enquiry (NSERE): vision document


ARC Publications

ARC Primer on Anti-Black Racism

Policy Learning For Education in a Pandemic and Post-Pandemic World

Professional learning in global networks: Lessons from ARC

ARC Primer on Networks - COMING SOON!!!


Achieving the New Curriculum for Wales


Iceland Education Policy 2030 and its

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An implementation framework for effective change in schools

OECD Education Policy Perspectives


What Scotland Learned:
building back better

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Chief Inspector’s report 2016-2020

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Promoting Inclusion and Equity in Education: Lessons from International Experiences. Mel Ainscow

Inclusion and equity in education: making sense of global challenges. Mel Ainscow

Promoting inclusion and equity in education: lessons from international experiences. Mel Ainscow

Educational equity in Canada: the case of Ontario’s strategies and actions to advance excellence and equity for students. Carol Campbell

Schooling for Resilience: Improving Life Trajectories for Black and Latino Boys. Pedro Noguera and Margary Martin

Inclusion and equity in education: Current policy reform in Nova Scotia, Canada. Whitley, Hollweck

Is CRRP Enough? Addressing Antiracism(s) in Teacher Education
Currie, Ng-A-Fook, Drake

Democracy and Education

Civic Education and the Rise of Populist Nationalism. Joel Westheinmer


Flip the System US
How Teachers Can Transform Education and Save Democracy

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Educating democracy: Competences for a democratic culture
Ólafur Páll Jónsson & Antonio Garces Rodriguez

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Visiting the forced visitors

Eva Harðardóttir & Ólafur Páll Jónsson

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Mapping Education for Sustainability in the Nordic Countries

Broad Excellence

School Leadership


Large-scale assessments and their effects: The case of mid-stakes tests in Ontario, Andy Hargreaves


How to Ruin a World Class Education System

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The sustainability and unsustainability of teachers’ and leaders’well-being. Dennis Shirley, Andy Hargreaves A Washington-Wangia

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Beyond Well-being: The Quest for Wholeness and Purpose
in Education. Dennis Shirley


Well-Being in Schools: Three Forces That Will Uplift Your Students in a Volatile World
By Andy Hargreaves & Dennis Shirley

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Permission to Feel: The Power of Emotional Intelligence to Achieve Well-Being and Success
by Marc Brackett Ph.D.


Student Learning and Engagement

Five Paths of Student Engagement
By: Dennis Shirley, Andy Hargreaves


Children own around 3 digital devices on average, and few can spend a day without them
By: Pasi Sahlberg & Amy Graham

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Rules of Engagement
By: Dennis Shirley & Andy Hargreaves

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Professionally Run Systems

Rabble Rousers – Agitadores
By: Lily Elselsen Garcia.

In Teachers We Trust
By: Pasi Sahlberg & Timothy D Walker

How can coaching lead to school improvement?
Rachel Lofthouse & Trista Hollweck

Hand of a trainer addressing group of females sitting in a conference hall. Female hand against defocused group of women attending seminar.

Contextual coaching: levering and leading school improvement through collaborative professionalism

Trista Hollweck & Rachel M. Lofthouse



Leadership for equity and adequacy in education by Pasi Sahlberg & Trevor Cobbold

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Imperfect Leadership
By: Steve Munby

Defining and exploring pracademia: identity, community, and engagement by Trista Hollweck, Deborah M. Netolicky and Paul Campbell

Educational reform

The role of teachers in educational reform: A 20-year perspective. Amanda Datnow


Can Education Transform the World? Joel Westheiner


Refiguring a Caribbean school within and across local and global communities. Allison Skerrett


What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? Pasi Sahlberg