International Confederation of Principals

The International Confederation of Principals (ICP), as the only global association for school leaders, brings a unique perspective to all conversations about Education and the importance of high quality school leadership.


ICP believes that the commitment to global dialogue and action in similar shared principles and values in education, align with the aims and vision of our organisation.  ICP sees the work of ARC as complimentary to the collaborative projects we have underway in areas such as Ethical Leadership, Equity, Inclusion and Principal Health and Wellbeing,


ICP’s role in ARC is an affirmation of the importance of school leadership and the central role it plays in securing positive outcomes for all students.  ICP strongly endorses the view of educational thought leaders and system inputs at successive ARC Summits that the promotion of high quality leadership is fundamental to securing system wide improvement.


We believe that ICP continues to have a central role to play in securing the improvement that we are all committed to. As an organisation we commit ourselves to facilitating engagement and knowledge transfer amongst our members in order to support the goals that ARC is working towards.