International Confederation of Principals

The International Confederation of Principals (ICP) welcomes the opportunity to provide the unique perspective of school leaders from around the globe to ARC.


ICP believes that the commitment to global dialogue and action in similar shared principles and values in education, align with the aims and vision of our organisation.  ICP sees the work of ARC as complimentary to the collaborative projects we have underway in areas such as Principal Health and Wellbeing, Equity and Inclusion.


ICP’s role in ARC is developing.  We see the way forward for change in schools to achieve more positive outcomes for all students, is through school leadership.  Quality leadership was the one essential issue that resonated through all the educational thought leaders and system inputs and the outcomes of the Summit.


We believe that through our strong global association ICP can support and contribute to the intended outcomes of the ARC.  A major contributor to success is knowledge transfer: accordingly, ICP will keep school leaders informed and updated on the progress being made towards our shared common goals.



Fiona Forbes


May 2017.