It is an honor to be part of this movement of different education systems and leading world experts in education that are pushing forward collaboration for promoting new pedagogies and innovation in education.


Uruguay is an innovation-driven country that provides technology as a service for education. We work towards inclusion and equal opportunities to support educational policies with the best technology available.


Since Plan Ceibal’s implementation in 2007, every child in the public education system in the country is given a personal device with free internet connection at school. Also, Plan Ceibal offers programs, educational resources and capacity building opportunities for teachers.


Uruguay is promoting a change in education based on the concept of Deep Learning and the development of key 21st-century skills throughout the system. Plan Ceibal strongly supports as well as foreign languages,  STEM areas, and social digital inclusion projects.


We hope that this collaborative project will improve our network of partners, policymakers, scholars, and educators from national and international systems that share similar values for education.