Project Director


Doris McWhorter  

Doris McWhorter is the former Director of the Education Research and Evaluation Strategy Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Education where she was responsible for leading the ministry’s research and evaluation strategy, the Brian Fleming Research Library and Records Management for the Learning Ministries. Doris has a longstanding commitment to research partnerships and the mobilization of quality evidence to improve school and system effectiveness.

As an educator, school district Research Officer and MISA (Managing Information for Student Achievement) Leader, Doris was instrumental in building capacity for data management and evidence use among classroom teachers, school and system leaders. She has championed research capacity building, knowledge mobilization and collaborative partnerships between education researchers and practitioners across Ontario as past Co-Chair of the Ontario Education Research Panel (OERP), Past President of the Association of Educational Researchers of Ontario (AERO) and Co-Chair of the 2017 International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement. Doris has extensive experience as an organizer, facilitator and presenter at provincial, national and international education research conferences. In addition to her work with ARC, she also serves as Executive Director of the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI).

Technical Support

Image of Jarl Inge Wærness

Jarl Inge Wærness

Image of Oda

Oda Jasarevic Skandsen

Has a MSc in business from Norwegian Business School, majoring in strategy, and works with education technology in Norway. Oda contributes to the ARC Education Project team as technical support. She is the editor for the ARC web page as well as the ARC design and strategy consultant.

Headshot - Erlend Kobro

Erlend Kobro

Erlend Kobro is a certified teacher working full time as an advisor, consultant and public speaker within the edtech-scene in Norway. His background is one of teaching history, English and social science at the high school level and being a local radio host. For the last four years Erlend has helped schools and municipalities in Norway to increase student engagement and wellbeing by pushing teachers and school leaders to get the most out of digital technology and at the same time changing their pedagogical and didactic practices to better align with the demands of the 21. Century.

Summit Support

Image of Peter Ulholm

Peter Ulholm

Peter is an international consultant and has worked with all levels of school development- system, municipality, school and classroom. He is a board member of IMTEC (International Movement Towards Educational Change), which operates internationally and across Scandinavia, and consulting director for LearnLab, which develops digital tools to enhance the student´s well-being, deeper learning and democratic involvement. Peter is a former teacher and researcher at the Danish University of Education. He was head of school development in one of the largest municipalities in Denmark and director at University College of Copenhagen, where he was one of the pioneers in shaping a formal education of school leaders in Denmark. Peter holds a chair as external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), where he teaches the subject educational change and development. Peter’s new book on ways to succeed with school development at the system level will be published in January 2021. He is the proud grandfather of four children.

Research Staff


Mariana Domínguez González

Mariana Domínguez González is a Mexican doctoral student at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Education. Her current research focuses on plurilingualism in the Mexican Indigenous context. She lives to learn about ways of knowing and being in the world.

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Maryam Mousavi

Maryam is ARC’s new research assistant. Her current research interest is using stories for educational purposes in the field of science.