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ARC Online Mentorship Opportunity with Global Thought Leaders during AERA

Given the unfortunate but unavoidable cancellation of a face-to-face AERA, the ARC Education Project at the University of Ottawa is organizing an exciting opportunity for 40 early career researchers to benefit from 30 minutes of individual and complimentary mentoring. It’s not an official AERA offering, but we hope it will help compensate for the loss of face-to-face time for many early career researchers and be complementary to other AERA offerings.


The Offer

12 world-renowned thought leaders have each offered 30 minutes of their time to connect with 4 early career researchers (48 in total) in the overall fields of educational change and/or teacher professionalism during what would have been face-to-face AERA congress dates. They are particularly interested in applicants who aspire to become public intellectuals – i.e. to become highly accomplished scholars who regularly communicate their scholarly work on the public stage in national, international and local public and professional media, online and offline. The mentors will answer any questions about developing a career, how to become a public intellectual, and the fields of educational change and teacher professionalism, in relation to their own work and the applicant’s work.


The Mentors (alphabetically)


Michael Fullan

Lin Goodwin

Andy Hargreaves

Alma Harris

Pak Tee Ng

Pedro Noguera

Diane Ravitch

Sir Ken Robinson

Pasi Sahlberg

Corrie Stone Johnson

Joel Westheimer

Yong Zhao


The Criteria

  • You must be studying for a doctoral degree in education or within 3 yrs of receiving your degree.
  • It must be in the broad fields of educational change and/or teacher professionalism.
  • You must be prepared to demonstrate knowledge of an entire book written by the thought leader.
  • You must be a member of AERA and have planned to attend AERA this year.
  • We will operate an honor system regarding these criteria.


The Process

Applications will be 1st come, 1st served.

Please send your statement of interest to Trista Hollweck, the Exec Director of ARC


In your statement, please state your name, position and organization/university and area of research.

Clearly list your top two choices only of preferred mentors in your statement.

You must be available for the whole of what would have been the AERA Conference (April 17-21)

Dr Hollweck will allocate the 4 applicants per mentor. You will be notified if you’ve been successful.

Successful applicants will be given instructions on how to connect with their mentor


Please follow @arceducation1 & @hargreavesbc on twitter for updates.




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