About ARC


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The ARC Vision

The initial vision of the Atlantic Rim Collaboratory (ARC) is to establish a global group of educational systems that advances values of equity, excellence, wellbeing, inclusion, sustainability, democracy and human rights for all students within high-quality, professionally-run systems.

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The ARC story

The ARC Education Project is a self-funded international network of policymakers, scholars, and educators from national and state-level systems that share similar values for education reform.


The ARC Secretariat consists of four members: Andy Hargreaves, Yngve Lindvig, Tore Skandsen and Steve Munby.

Our member representatives are: Richard Barwell (University of Ottawa), Arnór Guðmundsson (Iceland), Peter Kent (ICP), Cathy Montreuil (Nova Scotia), Gayle Gorman (Scotland) and Leandro Folgar (Uruguay).

ARC representatives are: Doris Mcwhorter (Project Director), Andy Hargreaves (President), Pasi Sahlberg (ARC Ambassador) and Fiona Forbes (ARC Ambassador).

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All member systems support, adhere, and promote ARC’s mission statement. Member systems commit to joining ARC for a term of three (3) years, with the opportunity to renew. Member systems include three to four participants representing government (Ministers of Education and Secretaries/Deputy Ministers) and professional leaders (unions, inspectorates, etc). Are you interested to join ARC? Read more about it here.