Atlantic Rim 2017 Summit

11-13 September in Ireland!

The 2017 ARC Summit will be located at JOHNSTOWN ESTATE HOTEL AND SPA, ENFIELD, COUNTY MEATH, IRELAND. The Summit will be attended by ministers, and professional representatives from Aruba, California, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Ontario, Scotland, Sweden, Vermont and Wales, as well delegates from Education International, and the International Confederation of Principals. The Summit is organized and supported by Boston College, LearnLab, and IMTEC Foundation in association with the Irish Ministry of Education.


This year, in line with the values and vision of ARC, there will be space for systems to discuss progress and strategies on wellbeing, equity, and inclusion, and then to delve further into issues of accountability and creativity in the context of equitable, inclusive systems.


In addition to Andy Hargreaves, ARC’s founder, the following thought leaders will participate: Henry Braun, Jonathan Jansen, Beatriz Pont, Sir Ken Robinson, and Pasi Sahlberg. Steve Munby will return as the Summit’s facilitator.