Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

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Education International (EI)

Int. Confed. of Principals (ICP)


Thought leaders

Johnathan Jansen

Beatriz Pond

Henry Braun

Andy Hargreaves

Sir K. Robinson


Theme: creativity, assessment, accountability

Other highlights: New collaboration between ARC and OECD

The second summit was hosted in Ireland, at the Johnstown Estate Hotel, September 11-13, 2017. The main objectives of the summit were:

1.To connect with and learn from education systems that share a broad set of values, linked to the ARC values.


2.To develop realistic and appropriate strategies for each education system to:


a) Further develop the equity, wellbeing and inclusion agenda.

How do we create a culture that is supportive and inclusive for all our students? How can we achieve greater fairness in outcomes? How can we demonstrate impact and progress? How do we enable and empower all young people to engage in learning and develop lives that have meaning and purpose for themselves, their communities, and their societies?


b) Further develop creativity in our schools and with our students.

What is creativity? Is it the same as problem-solving? Can you teach creativity? What prevents and what encourages creativity in education? What might a “creativity strategy” look like? How do we know when we have developed creativity successfully? How is creativity linked to innovation on the one hand and accountability on the other?


c) Develop assessment and accountability systems that are in accordance with ARC values.


How can we develop strategies that support public and professional accountability whilst avoiding a negative impact on learning, creativity, and wellbeing?


3. To share and develop our strategies for leading change effectively across our education systems in a culture of collaborative professionalism.


How can we move towards a more professionally-led system? How do we make change happen within a complex system? How do we empower teachers and school leaders? What is the role of professional associations in leading change? How do we engage with parents and involve students effectively? How do we deepen both collaboration and professionalism?


4. To agree on ways forward for the ARC over the next two years, including a strategy for its sustainability.