Why California is participating in ARC:


We have joined ARC with the hope that California can benefit from exploring education improvement strategies similar to ours in other countries. This meeting should be very useful for our continuous improvement efforts.


Grounded in a strong vision of educational equity, California has set the foundation and policy framework for a greater focus on instructional quality, ensuring that students graduate ready for the world that awaits them. This work rests in a dual commitment to rigorous standards and the development of the local capacity and professional capital necessary to implement them successfully.



Our emergent “California Way” builds on the belief that educators want to excel, trusts them to improve when given the proper supports, and provides local schools and districts with the leeway and flexibility to deploy resources so they can improve. California’s “Local Control Funding Formula” engages students, parents, and communities as part of a collaborative decision-making process about how to fund and implement these improvement efforts. It provides supplemental resources to ensure that California’s English learners, foster youth, and students in poverty have the learning supports they need. The state’s emerging accountability systems will support local educators and communities with the information and tools they need to engage in a process of continuous improvement, where collaborative planning, implementation, and analysis leads to ongoing adjustments to successfully address the diverse needs of all students.